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Solvent-free liquid color, suitable for coloring almost all types of concrete. CROMOBETON LIQUID range is particularly suitable for the construction of colored floors, precast elements, machine-produced concrete products and colored ready-mixed concretes. CROMOBETON LIQUID are a dispersion of powder pigments in a special solution. Uniformity of coloring, excellent pumpability, cleanliness on the workplace and good storage stability are the most important factors of the product. CROMOBETON liquid colors are certified according to European standard EN 1287 (pigments for building materials based on cement and/or lime).

Color table

  • L-2080
  • L-3330
  • L-5100
  • L-6600
  • L-8550
  • L-AFPI
  • L-9930
  • L-AF005
  • L-9635
  • L-AF31
  • L-17B

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Technical sheet

The colors shown are a selection from our catalogue. The pigments of the CROMOBETON range can be mixed together and it will therefore be possible to obtain different color variations.
The chromatic tone of the cement and the grain, the water / cement ratio and other factors are decisive for the final chromatic result: preliminary tests are recommended.