CROMOBETON GRANULES is an excellent free flowing, low dusting color for ready mix and manufactured concrete products applications. CROMOBETON granular pigment is unlike any other on the market. This innovative method creates a pigment with easy flowability, tighter particle size tolerances, reduced dust formation, and color development that meets or exceeds that of any competing granular pigment, in both wet and dry slump conditions. Manufactured with tight quality tolerances, granular pigments provide reliable performance properties, offering exceptional light fastness, cure stability, opacity, chemical resistance, alkali resistance, heat stability and outdoor durability. CROMOBETON granules are easy to handle and virtually dust-free, thus contributing to a significant improvement in the work environment. Typical applications include self-locking paving, blocks and tiles, roof tiles, cast-in-place walls, large prefabricated buildings, ready-mixed concrete and asphalt. Manufacturers of manufactured articles can add to the mixtures with anti-efflorescence or color reviving additives without any technical interference. CROMOBETON granular pigments confer intensity and quality in coloring, thanks to the constancy of the particle size, the most uniform in the sector.

Color table

  • G49G
  • G77G
  • G216G
  • G5500GS

Download the CB GRANULES technical sheet

Technical sheet

The colors shown are a selection from our catalogue. The pigments of the CROMOBETON range can be mixed together and it will therefore be possible to obtain different color variations.
The chromatic tone of the cement and the grain, the water / cement ratio and other factors are decisive for the final chromatic result: preliminary tests are recommended.